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Short-term Rental Insurance for Homeowners

Protect your home, one night at a time.

Perfect for hosts using platforms like Airbnb, CanadaStays, and HomeAway.

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Homeowners Insurance

Total Coverage

Did you know that your homeowners insurance likely doesn't cover short-term rental hosting? That's why adding Duuo is such a great solution!

Watch this video to see how Duuo works.

Feel truly protected

You can think of short-term rental insurance from Duuo like the hot fudge on top of your insurance sundae. You keep your existing home insurance policy, and then Duuo provides coverage for your short-term rental bookings.

Just turn it on before your guests arrive and then turn it off when they leave. So easy!

Just click “check out my rate” to receive your quote. It only takes about 25 seconds!

When we started hosting on Airbnb we had no idea we needed additional insurance to cover us. Fortunately, Duuo is a great solution because it's pay-as-you-go. 

Matt, Gwen, and Neko

- Pet Friendly Airbnb Owners

I really appreciate the extra protection. My guests have

been wonderful and have come from as far away as Switzerland. 

Thank you Duuo for partnering with me!

Faye, British Columbia

But why do I need Duuo? Doesn’t the rental platform provide insurance?

If you think about it, exciting platforms like CanadaStays, Airbnb, and many others just didn’t exist when home insurance policies were designed. Unfortunately, this has now created gaps in coverage that are leaving many hosts vulnerable. That’s why Duuo was developed by The Co-operators.

The first thing you should know is that in general, most homeowners insurance policies do not include coverage for short-term rental activity (like hosting guests in your home).

Secondly, some platforms, such as Airbnb, do provide hosts with protection programs like The Host Guarantee and “Host Protection Insurance”.

While these programs are a good start, they aren’t meant to replace an actual insurance policy. In fact, most platforms (including Airbnb) encourage hosts to get their own insurance.

Short-term rental insurance from Duuo includes $2 million in liability, the full replacement cost of your home and its contents, plus an additional 15 coverages specific to short-term rentals including infestation, vandalism, loss of income, and more.

Well, you may want to keep reading

A few claims about our claims.

Hey, stuff happens. But isn’t that the whole point of having insurance? Of course! That’s why filing a claim with Duuo is fast, easy, and online.

This is Luc, our Head of Claims. He’s a real guy with a hilarious laugh. Luc’s mission in life is to make you say, “Wow, that was so easy!”

When stuff happens, we’ve got you covered. And if really big stuff happens, you’re even covered for loss of income.

If you have a claim, just hop online, and answer a few questions. We’ll take it from there!

Getting a quote from Duuo

is as easy as 1-2-3.

Seriously, it takes about 25 seconds total.

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